Surgical Abortion Procedure

Surgical Abortion Procedure

Surgical abortion procedure, deciding to go through with an abortion and is one of the most difficult decisions for women of any age. We respect your decision and we are here to help you through the process. Our professional team is committed to providing high quality individualized care to women in a safe and relaxing atmosphere.

surgical-abortion-procedureThe Surgical abortion procedure is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in South Africa. The rate of complications is less than 2% and most complications are minor and easily treated.

Before the abortion procedure it is important to know the duration of your pregnancy. The duration of your pregnancy will be confirmed at our clinic by an ultrasound and pelvic examination.

After the doctor completes the assessment, she/he will insert the speculum into the vagina to hold the walls of the vagina walls open so the cervix can be seen. The cervix is then numbed with local anaesthetic. A registered nurse will offer analgesic/ anxiolitic (painkiller and relaxing medication) to help with the comfort during the procedure.

Manual Vacuum Aspiration Abortion

This surgical pregnancy termination is performed for pregnancies 4-7 weeks.

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About the Vaccuum Aspiration Abortion Procedure at Connect Women Clinic

First Trimester Surgical Pregnancy Termination

Surgical abortion procedure, If the pregnancy is 7-12 weeks after assessment of the pregnancy and the usual preparation the doctor gently opens the cervical canal by inserting and removing tapered rods of increasing diameter. Once the cervix is opened appropriately, the doctor inserts a hollow tube (cannula ) which is attached to the vacuum aspirator. This machine provides gentle suction that will remove the contents of the uterus (the pregnancy). The procedure will last about 4-8 minutes.

Second Trimester Surgical Pregnancy Termination

If the pregnancy is 14-18 weeks there are two options for cervical preparation.

Option 1: surgical abortion procedure

You may be given medication called Misoprostal to soften the cervix and makes the cervical dilation easier. If this is the case you will need to remain at the clinic for another 2 hours after which procedure will be completed.

Option 2:

The cervix needs to be opened by insertion of laminaria (osmotic dilators). The laminaria absorbs the moisture and expands gently the opening of the cervix. They are left overnight. You will need to return to the clinic at the scheduled time the next day. The doctor will remove the laminaria and complete the procedure. This procedure may last about 10-15 minutes.

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