Womens Clinic in Pretoria, Women’s Health Clinic

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Womens Clinic,Women’s Clinic in Pretoria

Safe Women’s Health Clinic

Pretorius Women’s Health Clinic in Pretoria, Johannesburg is a legal Safe Women’s Clinic offering same day Pain free Termination of Pregnancy including womb cleaning.

Women’s Health Clinic in Pretoria

Pretorius Women’s Clinic is a legal women’s health center assisting women facing problems of unwanted pregnancies.

We have several branches in South Africa and all our safe women’s health clinics have a nurse and a qualified doctor who have several years of experience with terminating pregnancies.

Our prices are affordable for the termination and womb cleaning all pain Free.

Medical abortion

There are two types of doing abortion. You may either use pills {Medical Abortion} or perform a surgery {Surgical Abortion} to find out more on how to book an appointment today.

Surgical Abortion at Women’s Health Clinic

We provide surgical abortions starting from the very earliest the pregnancy can be seen by ultrasound.

A surgical abortion can be done safely only if the pregnancy can be definitely seen inside the uterus on careful ultrasound exam.

The lower limit of visualization of a pregnancy by ultrasound is 5 weeks by menstrual age (approximately 3 weeks after conception).

The surgical abortion method used for first trimester abortions is known as suction dilatation and curettage (D&C). During the procedure, the cervical canal is very gently dilated with sterile dilators, and the uterine contents are gently suctioned out with sterile, one-use-only, disposable plastic uterine curettes.

Women’s Health Services

Women’s Health Clinic is always open to assist all women across South Africa with different women problems i.e. vaginal dryness, vaginal tightening, hips and bums services.

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