Women Clinic in Pretoria, South Africa

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Women’s Clinic in Pretoria

Connect women clinic in Pretoria offers Medical Abortion

Here at women clinic in Pretoria, we provide medical abortion from the earliest pregnancy can be performed, and we offer services to women from 1 week.

Women’s Health Clinic in Pretoria, Johannesburg, we focus on providing womb cleaning and termination of pregnancy pills in Pretoria.

Women’s Health Clinic in Pretoria

We are one of the best Women Clinic in Pretoria. Medical abortion involves talking termination pills to end or induce termination of the pregnancy.

At women’s clinic in Pretoria we offer termination pills that are medicines that are meant to end a pregnancy by blocking the female hormone called Progesterone because without it, the lining of the uterus breaks down and the pregnancy can’t continue.

Safe Women Clinic in Pretoria Methods

Safe Abortion clinic methods which involve using the safe termination pills have been used in the past years and most women prefer it than the surgical abortion because it is quick and safe.

Abortions are safe as long as they are performed by a legal professional and Registered Abortion clinic.

Our Abortion clinic in Pretoria, Johannesburg has a good reputation with patients who have visited us previously and needed our services.

Women Clinic in Pretoria offers same-day medical abortion services for 4 weeks. We are committed to helping every woman make the best decision for herself with the help of our friendly staff who have several years of expertise in the field of legal termination of pregnancy.

Womb Cleaning at Women Clinic in Pretoria

Cleaning after an abortion at Safe Connect women’s clinic is free of charge we want you to make sure that our clients receive the best care.

To avoid any complications it’s required to do a scan after two weeks. If the bleeding persists for more than three weeks it’s recommended you seek medical attention.